For consumers

  • Satellite services become available in any room. Special antenna cabling is no longer required
  • A single network carries all IP based services around the house: satellite television, internet, IP telephony etc.
  • Wireless or powerline adapters can facilitate the installation of satellite television 
  • Free-to-Air satellite television can be watched on PCs, tablets, smartphones while moving around
  • SAT>IP guarantees the best possible picture quality on all devices

For operators and broadcasters

  • SAT>IP simplifies multi-room installations by having a single bi-directional cable linking all devices
  • Advanced software applications can integrate high quality live satellite TV with non-linear services and provide a fully connected experience
  • The efficient distribution of high quality satellite seamlessly blends in with internet delivered services
  • Operators can address tablets and PCs directly over satellite via efficient broadcast mechanisms
  • SAT>IP reduces streaming costs for providing live TV

For manufacturers

  • Possibility to design and market a new generation of future proof satellite products such as: IP multiswitches, IP LNBs, SAT>IP tunerless STBs, SAT>IP compliant televisions, innovative SAT>IP software apps, entirely new SAT>IP devices (NAS, Routers, etc.)
  • The standardised ecosystem approach allows a critical mass to be achieved
  • SAT>IP is a license free technology available to all manufacturers